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About Lower Rates.

The History of Lower Rates

We got our start when we looked at the existing online market for financial products and found a very segregated and confusing mix. Consumers had to jump through hoops and go to great lengths to find the best rates on loans and policies, which negated the main appeal of the online marketplace: convenience. In this situation, we saw an opportunity. We wanted to offer visitors a one-stop-shopping site for a wide array of financial products, including loans, credit cards, and various insurance policies. Using just one site, our visitors can now compare offers from various respected companies on virtually any financial product or service they need. Our hope was to make the online marketplace more convenient and consumer-friendly. We continue to strive toward that goal as we grow and learn from our success.


Auto Loans

About Lower Rates auto loans.

Are you interested in getting a lower rate on your auto loan? Who wouldn’t be? If you took out your auto loan with less than perfect credit, you probably didn’t receive the best interest rate. By refinancing your auto loan, we can help you get a lower rate and save thousands!


Mortgage Loans

About Lower Rates mortgage loans.

Many home owners are currently dealing with increasing interest rates on their mortgages. Let us help you refinance your mortgage to a lower rate today! You can save thousands and even ditch an adjustable rate mortgage for a fixed rate.

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Credit Cards

About Lower Rates credit cards.

These days, we all use cards, but we don’t all receive low rates. In fact, many people are paying higher interest rates than they have to. Even if you don’t have the best rating, we can get you a card with low interest and great benefits today.


Credit Repair

About Lower Rates credit repair.

Did you know your credit score could be costing you thousands of dollars? Poor credit scores mean higher rates and higher rates cost you money. Fortunately, there is a way to turn your credit score around. With the help of credit repair, you can increase your score and lower your interest rates in no time.

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Debt Consolidation

About Lower Rates debt consoldation.

Are you and your money spread thin due to debt? What if you could get a lower rate on all of your debt, pay less on it each month, and have it paid off faster than you could imagine? You can get all of these benefits and more from debt consolidation. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be debt free.



About Lower Rates insurance.

Today, millions of Americans do not have insurance and many of those that do are overpaying for it. Don’t fall for expensive insurance premiums. Let us get you a low rate on all of your insurance needs now.

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