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Car Insurance Discounts for Game Play?

Car Insurance Discounts for Game Play?

How Video Games Can Save You Money

For years, parents around the world have considered their children’s popular video games to be little more than a waste of time and money. They might be changing their tune upon finding out they could save money on car insurance by playing video games themselves. Under a new pilot program being tested out by insurance provider Allstate, drivers over 50 years old may actually be eligible for lower insurance rates by completing video game training exercises. While drivers won’t be trying to save the world or rescue a princess in these scenarios, they will be improving their visual alertness and enhancing mental agility, which could help them avoid accidents in the future. As elderly drivers are increasingly viewed as dangerous, this program could potentially benefit everyone on the road.

Game Training Benefits

You might be wondering, just how exactly can a video game improve your driving skills? Turns out there are quite a few ways, especially when those video games are strategically designed to do so. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of playing the games offered in Allstate’s program:

  • By expanding your divided attention, games can help you track multiple objects simultaneously. That means helping you maneuver through traffic on the freeway or make a left-hand turn at a busy intersection.
  • Do you ever have trouble mentally keeping up with your surroundings? Game play is said to help speed up your visual processing and reaction time. These are important as that split-second could mean the difference between avoiding an accident or causing one.
  • Games can also improve your useful field of view, making it easier to extract information from your peripheral vision. A real life example of this could be stopping your car when you catch a glimpse of a car running a red light.

How it Works

Referred to as the InSight program, Allstate plans on testing their computer game project on drivers aged 50-75 in Pennsylvania. While people in their 50’s typically have excellent driving records, their accident rates inexplicably rise as they reach their 60’s. Most studies believe it is solely due to age-related cognitive decline, which the games may be able to help limit or even reverse. Gaming developer, Posit Science, will lend a hand by tracking the drivers progression through the levels. After training is completed, Allstate plans on comparing accident rates between drivers who played and those that didn’t. If the program does show significant results, you can expect it to be rolled out around the country in the following months. For now, the InSight program is being offered for free, but that could change if it is eventually made official.

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