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How to Still Enjoy a Date When it Debt

How to Still Enjoy a Date When it Debt

When you’re in debt, spending a $100 on a dinner-and-a-movie date is probably not the best idea. But just because you’re in debt doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic time without breaking your budget. All you need is a little creativity and some planning. In this post, we’ll give you ten suggestions on debt-friendly dates.

  1. A Picnic and a Play. This is a much cheaper version of dinner and a movie. You can pack a picnic and then take in whatever free shows are offered in your area. Parks, amphitheaters, museums, and colleges often have shows that are free to the public. Grab your picnic basket and head out!
  2. Catch a rehearsal. A lot of dance, music, and theater halls will let people watch the final dress rehearsal at no charge. You may have to endure a few interruptions while the performers work out the kinks, but you will be getting a $30-$100 show for free. Try contacting local theaters to see if they allow the public to watch rehearsals.
  3. Go to your local bookstore. Most bookstores offer musical performances, lectures, or readings a few nights of the week. You can grab an iced latte from the coffee counter and enjoy.
  4. Appreciate a view. You can find a place in your area that has a great view of a golf course, the city, or even the airport runway. Soak in the sights.
  5. Go garage sale shopping. Check out local garage sales or antique sellers and have a competition to see who can find the ugliest or weirdest item for a dollar. Take a walk down memory lane remembering the toys and other items from your youth.
  6. Get physical. Get your gear ready and hit a nearby park. You can borrow rollerblades or bicycles and race along a trail. You might also try getting free one-day passes to a gym to take a class together.
  7. Take a walk. Whatever kind of natural beauty you have in your area, soak it up on a long stroll. Maybe you could wander around a local lake or take a hike in some nearby woods. If you live in an urban area, you might consider taking in the sights of a new neighborhood. To make it more interesting, read up on the area’s history beforehand.
  8. Show your sophistication. Most history, art, and science museums offer free days or nights, but you might have to do some investigating to find out when. These free days are usually monthly, but some are weekly.
  9. Free wine and cheese. Almost every art gallery opening offers free wine and cheese, and, of course, an array of beautiful artwork. It’s a great cheap date—food, interesting people, and good conversation.
  10. Do some good. If you want to enjoy yourself and also do something good for mankind, try volunteering for a cause that interests both of you. You could help at a charity event, raise money for a local church, or help clean up a nearby park or beach.

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