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Do Stressed Moms Cause Their Kids Health Problems?

Do Stressed Moms Cause Their Kids Health Problems?

Stress is something that really can affect us all. We need to find a way to fight off stress in our own lives in order to help protect our health. Can it be that your anxiety might actually be doing harm to your children? More specifically, do stressed moms cause their children health problems? This is an interesting question, so let’s take some time and really dig deeper into it. You always want to fight-off anxiety in your life, but now it could be even more important that you do so if you are a parent. Make sure that you get as much information as you can before you go off and do anything to help yourself and them.

The Art of Comfort Food

We all have heard about comfort food. This could also be another way for you to refer to stress eating. Whenever you feel worried you could just eat something to help make you feel better. Well, more anxiety can lead to more eating which can lead to weight gain. Children do not like to see their parents stress out. This means that children could also start to “stress eat” in order to get away from the pain that they think their parents are feeling. This is unhealthy comfort when they feel as though there is no other comfort source around them. Children already feel stress in school, so they try to use home to get away. If the anxiety is there as well then they are going to be worn out.

Less Involvement with the Kids

The mom is generally the one who is with the kids more, which is why moms might have more of an effect on the child. Whenever the parent is stressing out about something it is taking their focus away from other aspects. Some of these aspects might be things that the child enjoys. Fear can really block the ability that the mom has to drive their kid around to practice, games, or friends’ houses. This really can limit the options that the kids might have. You need to make sure that the stress is not hindering your ability to provide the kid with something that they need. You do not want them to start relying on food, television or other unhealthy psuedo-comfort providers.

What Can You Do?

Simply put, you can try to hide the problems from the children. Sure, stress is not something that is easily eliminated, especially when it comes to money. You can, however, make sure that your kids do not see you in high-stress situations very often. This will cut down on the worrying that they have to do. If bills cause you worry, then try not to do the bills out in the main room. Another thing you could try to do is take time out everyday where you are just relaxing with your child. This could also really make things healthy for you as well. The appearance of worry is tough, so try to cut down on the appearance, at least around the children.

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