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Should I be Worried About the Swine Flu?

Should I be Worried About the Swine Flu?

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Therefore, it is best to pay attention to any outbreaks that may be a risk to your health. One type of outbreak that is a big concern is the swine flu. Swine flu is an infection caused by microscopic organisms that takes develops in an animal, known as the host animal. This host animal then passes it on to other animals and then eventually humans.

Once the swine flu enters into a human body the threat of a large population of individuals becoming affected by it increases drastically. This is because it is easy for one individual to spread the sickness to another individual. The swine flu can be passed to other individuals through coughing or sneezing however it can also be passed onto other individuals by touch. The virus can last on tabletops, doorknobs and similar things for up to 2 hours or longer. Therefore, if you unknowingly touch any area where the virus is, you will not know to protect yourself and then become infected. Because of the life span of the virus without needing a host the threat of the swine flu can become very serious.

Of course when someone sneezes or coughs on you, you will go and wash your hands or apply a sanitizer. However, when you don’t know that the virus is transmitted to you, you won’t do anything to kill. It is because of this transmittance that the swine flu can become a widespread epidemic. The only thing you can do if you are infected by the swine flu without any forewarning is to detect the symptoms early. The main symptom of the swine flu is severe respiratory problems. If you notice a change in your breathing or ability to breathe, you should immediately visit your doctor. You should also take all precautions as to not spread the virus to any one else. Therefore, you should stay home from work or school until your symptoms have cleared up.

It takes the effort of those infected with the virus to keep it at bay and to keep it from becoming a widespread epidemic that cannot be controlled. Therefore, if you are infected or may think you are infected you should seclude yourself and stay home until you can visit your doctor. You should also inform everyone of your infection. This will give those who have to come in contact with you a chance to protect themselves from becoming infected and in turn will be a great effort to keep the virus from getting out of control.

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