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How to Make Your Home Safe and Sound

How to Make Your Home Safe and Sound

Home insurance is really driven by home safety. If your home is safe and secure, not only will your valuables be protected, but the home insurance company will really reward you. Yes, you should work on home safety in order to keep the insurance company happy, but overall you need to be safe for your family’s protection. The following are some ways that you can really make sure your home is set up just like you want it to be. Show your insurance company and your family that you are going all out to protect you, them, your valuables, and your home. Luckily this is not a process that has to cost a lot of money.

Criminal Deterrents

You need to make your home a place that does not invite criminals. Obviously you are not inviting criminals into your home, we mean it needs to be a place that is too risky for criminals to get into. You should start by getting an alarm system, if your home does not have one already. Lights are very important as well. Bright lights by all the entrances are a good idea, as well as motion lighting in the back. Criminals will get jumpy if they caught by motion lights. Make sure you protect your doors as well. Every door needs to have a deadbolt. As far as your sliding glass doors are concerned, you need to have locks on those as well as something in the door track to prevent it from being opened. A broom handle is a good example of something that would work.

Watch Out for Falling Objects!

No, this should not be a sign that you post out front of your home. This is a call to action! If you begin to notice that things around your home look like they come crashing down, you need to get to work. Safe means that you not only have to watch out for burglars, but the home itself. Does the roof look like it is cracking? How about overhangs on the patio, or garage? There are plenty of risk factors that could cause your home (or at least parts of it) to come crashing down. You want your home to be a safe environment for your children to play in. This means that you should not wait for a home insurance settlement to fix things. You can save yourself money in the long run, especially on insurance, if you repair quickly and early.

Are We Talking High Security?

No, we are not telling you to go out and get the top quality home alarm system, or uncrackable safes to store your items in. We are just telling you to make an effort and look for ways you can improve your security, just even a little bit. This does not have to become an expensive process that takes many dollars and time to complete. Focus more on the quality of the improvements and updates as it relates to your home and family, not just as it relates to the price you see on the tag. Your home insurance company is impressed whenever you show them that you have put in the work, not that you have thrown random amounts of money at it.

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