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Renters Insurance: Separate Fact From Fiction

Renters Insurance: Separate Fact From Fiction

Myths are interesting things. You never know how they really can get started, or how they can continue to grow. They can be fun to listen to, but more often then not they can be dangerous or hurtful if you really pay attention to them. This is why we want to let you in some a few myths about renter’s insurance that we think you must pay attention to. Get to know what these myths are and really know what you should be doing to get renter’s insurance correct. You need to look at all the information before you go and do something. Let’s take a look at some of those myths right now and explain why they might not be that great of a mindset.

My Building Has a Guard, So I’m Alright

Well, that is really good that your building has a guard, and it does help with some protection. It does not mean that your apartment is 100 percent safe. It just means that there is a guard at the front of the building trying to keep riff raff away. What happens if someone breaks a bone or suffers another type of injury inside of your unit? The guard at the front of the building will not be of help, other then calling the emergency services. Renter’s insurance will be of help, because of the liability protection that could come with it. You will be protected in case of a resulting lawsuit. In some cases renter’s insurance will even be able to protect your car if it gets broken into!

The Landlord is Covered So I Am Covered

You need to make sure that your landlord is covered, so check with him or her. Unfortunately though the landlord’s coverage will basically just cover the damage that the structure might have. This might still mean that tenant damage is not covered. This is why you must have renter’s insurance. If you create some damage then you might not be able to rush to the landlord. It will be a cost that needs to be taken care of by your dime. Yes, use the landlord’s coverage if structure damage has happened. Whatever happens inside though will be something that you need to work through. Water damage, fire damage, personal injury and many more things will be the renter’s insurance responsibility.

My Apartment is Small, and I Do Not Own Much

This is a mistake in judgment that a lot of people make when they live in a small apartment. They do not think that the belongings they have inside really amount to something. Well, if you have a computer, a television, and other electronics then the cost can add up really quickly. That does not count your clothes, or dressers, kitchen supplies, etc. The cost of the inside of your apartment can really add up before you even know it. You do not want to make the mistake of thinking you have no expensive things, but then find that out once they have all been stolen! Unless you are living in an apartment, renter’s insurance can be something that really comes through for you if you were to give it a chance.

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