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Safety Features that Lower Insurance Costs

Safety Features that Lower Insurance Costs

Save Money by Playing it Safe

While some people like to stay up to date on the latest safety features for their vehicle, others don’t always think the cost is worth it. After all, alarm systems or and other anti-theft devices are rarely cheap. However, what many fail to realize is that the costs of these safety features can often be minimized and their installation could even end up saving you money thanks to auto insurance discounts. When insurers go about determining your premium, one of the main factors they consider are the types of safety features installed on your vehicle. Anything that can help prevent your car from being stolen, minimize safety risks, or otherwise reduce the chance of you having to file a claim could earn you a discount on your policy. Here’s a look at some of the most popular auto safety features and how they can save you money on car insurance.

Cost-Cutting Safety Features

  • Perhaps the most effective anti-theft device available is the Lo-Jack vehicle recovery system. This system includes a transponder on your vehicle that allows Lo-Jack and your local police to track your vehicle should it ever be stolen. Some drivers have saved up to 10% on their comprehensive policy by installing a Lo-Jack system.
  • Automatically-armed car alarms are a big hit with providers because they don’t rely on the driver setting them. Most of these alarms are armed as soon as a driver locks their car or even closes their door. While manually-armed car alarms may still garner a discount, it’s usually smaller than those of automatically-armed alarms.
  • Some car insurance companies only provide discounts for car alarms if they are coupled with an engine immobilizer. This factory installed feature cuts off the power to your ignition when the key is removed, making it nearly impossible for your car to be hot-wired.
  • Although it may not provide a large discount, getting your Vehicle Identification Number etched into your window or bumper may at least be a theft deterrent. Assuming thieves notice the etching, they’ll be less likely to steal your vehicle knowing that it would be more difficult to sell.
  • Even though they are standard on nearly every modern automobile, most people don’t realize that anti-lock brakes could earn you a small discount on insurance. Some states even require that insurers provide a discount to customers with anti-lock brakes.
  • What’s one of the main causes of vehicle fatalities? You guessed it, not wearing a seat belt. So it only makes sense that some insurance providers give discounts to customers who have advanced or automatic seatbelt systems in their automobile.
  • Finally, almost every automobile has airbags today, but there’s a variety of different types and some may be worth a discount. In particular, side air bags have been shown to provide greater head protection and limit driver fatalities.
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