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Discover How a Public Adjuster May be Able to Help You

Discover How a Public Adjuster May be Able to Help You

It is our ongoing goal to make sure you are clear on everything that can be involved in the home insurance process. You need to know how to work this all to your advantage in order to make sure that everything goes just like you want it to. The following is some help on understanding what a public adjuster is and how they operate. A public adjuster will play into this process significantly, so make sure you know as much as you can to get the home insurance claim process correct. You do not want to be surprised and find out that more was expected of you then you actually realized. Let’s go over some important details.

What is a Public Adjuster?

This is someone that will help you settle your claim. He or she will look at all the damage that has been done, and then look over the report on your home. This report will talk about your insurance, your home’s value, your home’s risk, as well as any suggested or made improvements. They want to put together as much information as they can so they can come up with a solid claim amount. There are a couple of ways that you can find a professional to help you out with this situation, so make sure you know what works for you. Make sure that you can keep track of this process the whole way.

Finding a Public Adjuster

There are two different ways that you can get the adjuster to help you. Insurance companies will generally be able to offer you an adjuster at no extra charge. Some people do not feel comfortable with this though, which is why you can also choose to find a professional who does not have a relationship with the insurance company. If you choose to use an independent adjuster then you will be responsible for some fees. They could charge you as much as 15 percent of the settlement that they help you get. This will not be covered by your insurance policy. Sometimes there is a limit to how much can be charged, and that would be set by the state. Either way, you will need a professional to help you through this emergency.

Check With Your State

Not only can the state set a limit to what the public adjuster can charge you, but they can also help you in other ways. You need to check the qualifications of the individual and that can be done by using your state’s insurance department. Also, if you know someone who has gone through this process, you can ask them. Do not deny what the state has to offer you though. There can be a lot of information that really can be revealing. You want to avoid getting scammed by those who just go door to door. The state can help you figure out who these people are and then you can put a stop to them quickly.

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