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When You Should Consider Hiring a Credit Repair Attorney

When You Should Consider Hiring a Credit Repair Attorney

Navigating the world of credit reporting and debt without the requisite knowledge is almost impossible. To deal with the reporting bureaus effectively, you have to be familiar with a number of federal consumer protection laws and be extremely persistent. For the average consumer, the time and effort involved in credit repair are simply too much, which is why credit repair attorneys exist. Consumers sometimes need a professional in their corner to help them deal with debt and credit report issues successfully. An attorney can lend the expertise and experience you need in order to address your debt and clean up your report. Read on for more information about specialized lawyers that can help and when it’s appropriate to hire one.

What Is a Credit Repair Attorney?

This is a legal professional who specializes in credit and consumer protection law. These lawyers are experienced in dealing with the three major bureaus and creditors in order to improve their clients’ scores. In addition to challenging negative items on your report with the bureaus, your attorney will also advocate on your behalf with your creditors when appropriate. Although repair that is provided by legal professionals tends to be more expensive than other forms of the service, it is also usually more effective because of the expertise an attorney can offer.

Services of a Credit Repair Law Firm

Before you decide whether to hire a lawyer, you should first understand the nature of the services they offer. Typically, firms provide some form of the following services:

  • Dispute initiation - you indicate to your attorney which questionable derogatory items you would like to dispute. The attorney then initiates the dispute process, aggressively fighting negative items with the goal of having them removed. This process will involve your attorney and the relevant bureaus, but it may also require creditor contact.
  • Creditor negotiation - your law firm may also offer to intercede on your behalf with your lenders. Your lawyer will contact them in order to improve the relationship you have with them and negotiate mutually advantageous repayment agreements.
  • Report monitoring - this is an additional service that usually is not included in basic repair. With this report monitoring, your law firm will track and notify you of changes to your report. Report monitoring can help you prevent fraud as well as track the progress.

When to Bring an Attorney on Board

Credit repair attorneys will be most valuable to consumers who attempted repair on their own and failed. Consumers with large amounts of debt and a significant number of questionable items on their reports are also excellent candidates. Although you can perform most of the services offered by a lawyer on your own, you are unlikely to see the results that you would if you hire a professional. If you want the best results possible in the shortest amount of time, hiring a law firm may be in your best interest.

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