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How Minor Accidents Affect Your Auto Insurance

How Minor Accidents Affect Your Auto Insurance

We have just one important question for you today. What is the different between minor crashes and major crashes? Well, there are a lot of answers and a lot of variations. However, when you are dealing with your auto insurance provider, you need to make sure that there is no difference! Your coverage is supposed to come through for you at all times, especially when you get into a crash. Take some time and make sure that you are getting treated fairly. The following information should explain some on why you need to fight for your rights. Your auto policy is a top priority.

Insurance Companies Do Not Want Hand Out Money

The auto insurance company likes to collect money from you and not have to worry about giving it back. This is why they will treat all accident cases like it is the fight of their life. The only difference between major crashes and minor crashes for most companies is how much money they give out. They do not care if you were at fault, or if the other driver was at fault, if you were hurt, or if you are alright, and they do not differ whether or not it was big or small. They will want to make sure that every detail is covered and they will want to make sure that no fraud is happening. This can cause you a lot of trouble and it can really set you back when it comes to getting some money in return.

The Current Result

If you are not paying attention then you could face the current result felt by a lot of people. Sometimes auto insurance companies will give you an offer which will be a take-it-or-leave-it situation. This puts you in a position where you might get less then you had hoped for. Usually this will mean the insurance company profits and you are stuck in the mud. You might be able to choose the option of letting them sort through everything. People choose this because they think it will net them more money. If you do not stay on their case and make sure that they are working on it then you could end up getting money a few years down the road, and it will not add up to nearly what you spend in repair, bills and lost income.

Why Can They Do This?

The reason they are able to do this is because they know that another method for you, like a lawsuit, will be very expensive and consume a lot of time. Auto insurers realize that people leave the ball in their court a lot, so they take full advantage to get the best deal they possibly can. You can have a say in this though. Make sure that you are able to fight and stay on them. Get updates as often as you can. Some people like to think of it as annoying them until you get a decision, which can be an effective method. You do not want to accept a deal just because they offer it. Do not be afraid to turn them down and have them redo it as many times as it takes until you get it correct.

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